An Easy Guide To Using Sign Language With Your Babe Communicate early, and often.

By Babe | Illustrations by Ana Hard

There are times during the first few months of your baby’s life that you will wish you could communicate with them. Whether they’re tired, hungry, gassy or just altogether irritable, having some sort of SIGN would be super helpful in trying to coax them back to happiness. Well, baby sign language – ie the art of helping your child communicate through non-verbal signals – is a way that some parents can do just that.

Studies show that baby sign language is a super effective way to help your child communicate, which leads to happier interactions and a better way for them to express their feelings with the world at large. Teaching babe as early as eight or nine months, or earlier, can make a positive impact in developing these skills. But, if your baby invents their own signs, you can use those, too! Just remember to practice repetition and say the world out loud while doing the sign to ensure that babe will make the connection. Also, consistency is key here, so do it and do it often.

If you’re thinking of practicing sign language with your babe, we rounded up some of our favorite words to learn to sign, so that playground hangs and nighttime cuddles can be even better. We all just want to be heard, after all.