BE the Mom Who Makes Edible Sand with Your Kids With help from Jars by Dani.

By Dani Beckerman | All Photos by Dani Beckerman

I started my Jars by Dani seven years ago, and ever since, people have always said the JARS remind them of sand art! So why not make some edible sand art! This activity is so much fun to do. Lets the kids use their creativity – and it will be very hard to make one that isn’t beautiful! 

To start, create your “sand!” You can use any white cake recipe you prefer (or a box mix to make it super easy – nothing wrong with that!).

Separate the batter into a cupcake pan (if you are having a lot of kids, you can do each color in a regular 9×13 pan) and dye each cupcake a different color! This is perfect for holiday themed activities if you want to make the colors holiday themed! For today though – we will stick with rainbow. Because rainbow is my favorite. 

After you bake, crumble each color into a different bowl. Then make your butter cream! Use any recipe you choose (most are very similar and simple with it consisting of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk or cream!) Separate them into different bowls and dye them the colors of your choice! Again – I went with rainbow. Place each color in its own piping bag! 
The other toppings are dealer’s choice! Sprinkles of all kinds, chocolate chips, cookie dough – think frozen yogurt shop.

From there it is easy! Let the kids go crazy. You can layer the cakes and topping all together to create their perfect dessert layered “sand art” jar! Eat some of it on the spot, and then stick the cap on to save the rest for later!