Summer Pregnancies Are....Hard Keep it cool with these nine tips.

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Hard

Summer is a tough time to be pregnant. Not only are you carrying excess pounds of weight, but the constant fluid coursing through your body is enough to create massive swelling even in the dead of winter – let alone a SoCal heat wave or New York City hellscape. So if an effort to prepare for that July, August or September baby (or hey, if you’re in South Florida, then like anytime), here are a few simple ways to beat the heat this summer.

1. Go For A Swim: Not only does swimming cool you down, obvs, but it can help take the weight off the sciatic nerve. Gravity rules, eh?

2. Be Like A Vampire: Try to keep your errands to early morning or later in the evening. No need to be schlepping around in the midday sun, mama.

3. Go Ring-Free: This is a biggy but remove all rings, yes even that ring, as high heat approaches. Pregnancy plus heat is a swelling twofer. We’ve known more than a few women who’ve had to have their rings cut off. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Reduce the Salt: OK not completely (iodine is actually healthy for babe!) but increased salt intake can lead to above-mentioned swelling. Which can lead to having your rings cut off.

5. Keep It Comfy: Wear breathable, cotton fabrics (have you met HATCH?) that don’t feel constrictive. Now is not the time for body-con (but hey, we support that, too).

6. Keep Those Feet Up: Swollen feet, ankles and legs are totes normal for pregnant women (peep our swell relief faves) But during summer, the extra heat can cause the blood vessels to expand, allowing fluids to flow into the surrounding tissue which ultimately makes you even more swollen. Try to avoid standing for long periods and take breaks to put your legs up to rest.

7. DRINK, WOMAN: This seems obvious, but eight ounces every hour on the hour. No excuses.

8. SPF It: As a pregnant woman, you need to be especially careful in the sun since your skin is so much more sensitive during pregnancy. It’s also common for pregnant women to develop a heat rash under their breasts and abdomen during the summer. Make sure you’re wearing at least an SPF 30, if not, higher

9. Keep It Cool: During pregnancy your body temperature is already elevated so added heat is bound to make you feel uncomfortable. Anytime the heat index reaches the 90s, it might be a good idea to head indoors, pump the air conditioning and throw a damp cloth on your neck. Netflix is calling.