Meet Your Nursing Essentials Getcha' boobs ready.

Breastfeeding is hard work. Full stop. While magical for some and less for others, it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to every woman (especially in the early days) and is almost always overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve culled our essentials — i.e., the best nursing bras, must-have lactation cookies, and more— to help get you through from the start. 

Boobs the word

Look ma, no hands!
Very into this pump, there's an APP and all.
Because sometimes you're gonna need a little support.
Hands free, you'll see.
Leakage is real. Get these, in case you ever want to to leave the house. Trust.
For your nips, lips and all the bits.
Drink up
Hot and cold compresses will be your best friend.
Blanket slash cover-up slash all the things
A dress for nursing…shhhhhh, no one knows.
Mastitis. It's a thing. This helps.
Nipple shields
Pump, pump it up.
Truly, breastmilk is gold.
Wear this for hanging out or nursing. It's cute and functional. We call that "winning!"
Snacks to amplify your supply and taste yummy. Need we say more?
File under: Wear Everywhere. Full stop.
Finally a cookie worth snacking on.
Helps. A lot. Swear.
Lactation smoothie? Yes please!