Pregnancy Headaches are a Thing We've got the solve.

As heinous as they are, pregnancy headaches are a common phenomenon and can affect many women during pregnancy. Like most pregnancy symptoms, they’re a result of the rapid hormonal changes in your body as your baby grows, particularly in the first trimester.

“It makes sense that if you are prone to hormonal headaches that they would occur in those early weeks of pregnancy as your body shifts and adjusts to make a habitable home for your little one,” says Samantha Huggins, Doula at Carriage House Birth. “One of the most notable shifts is a large increase in estrogen that then drops after delivery.”

Fortunately, our friends over at HATCH have come to the rescue yet again with the new Head Peace, a cooling and compression wrap that offers fast relief from hormonal and good old-fashioned headaches alike. Designed with comfort and style in mind (hello, super soft jersey fabric) so you can take care of yourself and look good doing it, pregnant or not. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

How to Use the HATCH Head Peace

Cool It

Refrigerate gel pads for one hour or freeze for 30 minutes. We even went ahead and included an extra set for continuous relief.

Pack It

Place gel pads into the wrap’s internal pockets.

Place It

Wrap it around your head, placing the gel packs over your temples, where headaches start.

Style It

Look in the mirror, realize how cute you look, take a selfie.

Just remember friends, like any other aspect of pregnancy, if something doesn’t feel right, call your medical provider. “Headaches can be a sign that something is amiss and is always worth reporting,” Huggins says. “For more persistent hormonal migraines, they might encourage using over the counter or prescription medication.”