The Perfect Closet Essentials for a Modern Mama-to-Be 3 Fun Pieces Every Expectant Mother Needs in Her Wardrobe

Your body is constantly changing, and pregnancy is the perfect time to embrace the change. As you nurture and grow a tiny human, there’s no question that you should treat yourself to some new clothes. While shopping for maternity clothes, fit and function are key, but you can still find outfits you’ll love to wear. Take these top maternity clothes and make them your own to keep things cute, comfortable, and even a little elegant during your pregnancy.

Before-and-After Dress

When you’re pregnant, a well-made maternity dress can become a second skin. In addition to a dress that’s comfortable, you want one that isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon. After all, you could be planning on saving it for a future pregnancy, or you just want to wear the dress after the little one is born.

Brands are making game-changing maternity dresses in soft, light-weight materials comfortable enough to wear through every trimester. They can also be so pretty that you might never want to stop wearing them. Some of these maternity styles can also become the perfect nursing dress. Even though there are many options, maternity dress shopping is something you can look forward to as much as shopping for adorable baby clothes.

Snug Yet Stretchy Bra

As well as a great dress, you should be on the lookout for something you can wear under it—a bra that can transition from second to third to fourth trimester. That means you could be shopping for a nursing bra, which is a bra with a nursing overlay. Nursing bras and other nursing clothes are incredibly convenient for any mama, whether they’re spending plenty of time inside the home or going out with their baby. You can even find everyday nursing bras designed with an easy-to-unhook, one-handed clasp.

If you’re not breastfeeding, you may not need a nursing bra. However, you might not know if that will be the case, so it’s best to prepare for any situation, from nursing to pumping to a matching bag to hold your formula.

Easy, Breezy Jumpsuit

An on-trend jumpsuit can become your best friend throughout your pregnancy. Seriously, what did pregnant women even do before jumpsuits were a thing? Jumpsuits are easy to style, and some can be worn through the last weeks of your pregnancy and well into your fourth trimester (hello, nursing jumpsuit).

These jumpsuits should be the on-trend and functional item that makes your life easier without sacrificing your style. Look for options with straightforward buttons or ties that you can loosen, tighten, secure, and untie for all wearing and nursing needs—bonus feature: pockets. Yes, you can definitely find one that meets all the criteria.  

The right wardrobe can help you feel chic, comfortable, and more like yourself even when you feel the least like yourself. That’s really important whether you’re a first-time mom or the leader of a tribe. While preparing for a baby comes with its challenges, shopping for maternity clothing doesn’t have to be one of them. You can uncover your pregnancy style and discover how these maternity fashion essentials help you keep your composure well after your baby arrives.