Tylynn Nguyen On Running Her Brand & Trusting The Journey

As the model turned designer—now pregnant with her third—dramatically stood between two striking images of Kate Moss smoking during our photo shoot, it was clear she’s done this before. As no stranger to the camera (belly out and all) or motherhood for that matter, we spent the afternoon chatting about her namesake intimates brand, trusting the journey & how all moms work, regardless if they’re stay-at-home or in an office. @tylynnnguyen 

Photo’s by Alexa Gallo

Current state of mind? 

God is good! 

Due date?

In two weeks!

Boy or girl?


Was being pregnant for the third time like riding a bike? 

Yes! It’s been a breeze and I can’t wait to meet my son. 

Exercise throughout pregnancy?

Yes, I’ve been walking plus going to ballet

Craving and eating?

I’ve been craving smoothies, strawberries, and grapefruit.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve focused on eating nutrient rich whole foods that would nurture my baby and be loving to my body.

Plus, lots of water!

Avoided the “don’t eat” list?

For sure. I want the healthiest and happiest baby! 

Beauty and wellness routine?

I drink a ton of water, go for a facial once a month, and exercise 2-3x a week.

In the morning I cleanse & moisturize my face, and at night I have a 10 step skincare routine—not kidding. 

If your pregnancy were a song…

Sade – Kiss of Life

Body and boobs?

I love them both, but I am super over being pregnant.

On your namesake brand:

I launched TyLynn Nguyen in 2015 in the hopes of providing women with sensual intimates that are, first and foremost, about them. It’s been a dream of mine for years and once I felt modeling was no longer fulfilling, I made the jump to start my brand. I made my first prototypes with my own sewing machine.

Next for the brand?

2018 is already shaping up to be an incredible year and it hasn’t even started—we’re expanding doors and the collection!

Do you think it’s important for kids to see their mom working?

Moms are working whether they’re a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur or working for a company—so yes, considering that every mom works.

Maternity leave as an entrepreneur?

It’s tricky but for me will include black out days & working from home for a period of time. 

On meeting your man:

We met in NY at a trade show. He had a fashion line at the time called Hot Air and I was a buyer at a store in Rhode Island. I remember I was wearing custom sneakers that went over my knee. I saw him, he ignored me (lol) and I didn’t buy anything from his collection for my store. Nevertheless, I took his card and we kept in touch. 3 years later we reconnected and have been in a committed relationship since then. He’s an incredible man. 

Learned in business?

Keep going and no is just a redirection to yes. 

Any advice about career, life or being a woman?

Enjoy it. Your story is already written. What’s meant for you will be yours.