What’s the Deal with Maternity Photoshoots? Maternity Photoshoots: Passé or on Point?

Maternity photoshoots are a big deal. They’re no longer reserved for walls and tabletops in the home as more women use social media to post and share gorgeous photos of a beautiful and intimate part of their lives. Like so many other forms of art, maternity photoshoots capture a turning point in peoples’ lives. It makes you wonder whether this is just a trend or something more.

Pregnancy in Art

Artistic depictions of pregnant women used to be an underrepresented field, but now it’s booming and doing so with resounding applause. While notable portraits of pregnant women from 200 years ago are not topping the charts of online search histories, Beyonce’s pregnancy shoot remains one of the most-liked photographs on social media.

What was this icon’s costume in her modern work of art? A set of mismatched intimates and an unornamented, daffodil-yellow veil. Queen Bey ostensibly opened the doors to a new age of maternity photoshoots for many celebrities, but what about you? Is your maternity shoot still worthwhile without media attention? The answer to that is a resounding yes, of course.

A Sense of Worth

Maternity shoots allow women to celebrate remarkable changes, even if they don’t think they have a “glow.” Every woman can admire her incredible, ever-changing body out in the open, and they don’t actually have to pose nude or nearly nude in their shots to show it.

You can have a stunning maternity shoot wearing stylish, everyday maternity dresses, sweet maternity pants, and other well-designed maternity clothing. The photos will still get this message across: you are proud of your body, and you are going to love that baby even when they drive you to the brink of insanity. A maternity shoot allows you to look back on a time of your life that was different or challenging and see something valuable—something worthy of respect. If your outfit helps you do that, then more power to you, mama.

Trendy or Timeless

While it could feel like you now have to do a maternity shoot because it’s trendy and all your friends are doing it, you should know that a maternity shoot is not mandatory, and if you do go for it, the occasion shouldn’t be stressful. It is undoubtedly a trend, but it’s also supposed to be a part of your experience. That’s right—it’s yours.

You can enjoy pictures from all your trimesters without an elaborate shoot as well. You can still be grateful for what you have accomplished, and there will definitely be pictures of your beautiful, pregnant self in some charming and stylish maternity clothing. Plus, you have a choice to document your pregnancy however you please, with pregnancy journals, everyday photos, scrapbooks, letters to your baby, videos, and many other mediums.

Maternity photoshoots might sometimes feel a little much, but why does that matter? Through maternity photos, expectant families can connect, share their favorite maternity dresses and brands, capture a unique time of life, and they get to talk about it all. It sounds a lot like other kinds of art, doesn’t it? While these photos represent a major turning point in your life, you should never feel forced to do something extravagant. You can cheer those other mamas on and be content to keep your stylish maternity clothes to yourself. That’s fine, too.