Why are my boobs so sore?

Oh girl, we FEEL you. Sore boobs are one of the strongest early pregnancy detectors out there. Sometimes, your super-sensi teetas give the whole damn thing away. Just know that it’s because your body is gearing up to support that babe of yours with more estrogen and progesterone production than ever before. A similar surge occurs right before Auntie Flow comes to town, so you know the deal. Fear not, as your hormones begin to level out in trimester 2, so too will that pain. 

FYI it’s also super normal for your boobs to start getting bigger, like majorly. Every gal is different in just how big, but as the fat layer in your breasts thicken, you’ll grow more milk glands and blood will start flowing to them. Your body is basically prepping for breastfeeding in as early as week 3. Talk about genius