Yes, You CAN Take a Bath While Preggo Samantha Huggins dispels this epic myth.

By Samantha Huggins, doula and childbirth educator

It’s true that we have to get a little creative with self care during pregnancy. Even a little more so at the moment!  One way that I encourage mama’s to really dig into clearing their minds, softening their sore bodies (hello hips!), and connecting with the body and baby is a good calming bath.  

Our dear, albeit, wishy washy friend, Dr. Google, has a lot to say about whether or not a bath is safe during pregnancy. Been down that wormhole!  But rest assured that there is a lot of space between hours in a bubbling hot jacuzzi and nothing at all.  

So go get the all clear from your midwife or doctor, only you and your team know your body and medical history, and dive in with these tips for a safe and lovely bath experience.   

Start by setting the mood in the room.  Bring on your favorite candle, soft lighting, chill playlist and something to read or browse.  Leave your phone in another room or at least out of reach, you’ll be ok!  Draw your bath with warm water that is not scalding hot.  The water should not feel too hot to the touch or make your skin red.  This is important as we want to be mindful about raising your internal temperature too high. Add in some Mama Calm and rest!  Once the water starts to cool, it’s time to get out. If you have a warm bathroom, let the water drain completely and imagine all of your worries being pulled away from you and traveling down the drain before getting out of the tub, if not that’s ok too, just climb out carefully, snug up in a squishy towel and say a little goodbye to whatever doesn’t serve you as vision the same thing. 

Happy bathing!